Can I be rich??

Date of birth: 7 feb 1981
Time of birth: 2; 45 am
Place of birth: Delhi, indIa
Let me know if any other information is required beside this.

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I have no any trust in horoscope .if u have a guts or u have a positive mind than .u become a rich or whatever u want to be.

According to chart yes you will be rich but not top of the town.
Astrologer vasudev

According to your kundali you have vrishik lagna and kumbha have rahu in 9th house(bhagyasthan) and your surya(karmesh) is effected with ketu and drasti of rahu means you have do remedies for this case your ishtdev and mukhyagrah will always help you.i you want to know about your ishtdev and mukhyagrah.

my classification is certain anyone who lives within his own income and able to save something is rich anyone who is able to live within his own earnings but unable to save anything is middle class..
and anyone who is unable to live within his own earnings and depends upon others is poor.

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