Chance of purchasing or acquiring property DOB 06-12-1969, time 3:05AM

My wish to have agriculture land and home by which I can get money and peaceful life.
I want to do something different by which I can earn my good identification.

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Hi Pawan. Its nothing to do with you horoscope. If you have such business plans, try to have a property on rent or lease for a year or so. Analyze the things you want to do and see if this works for you. If yes, then definitely go ahead and buy your dream property.
I will never advise you to put your hard earned money in buying land and later you realise that this all does not work well for you.

There is immense amount of wealth and savings in your horoscope.
But its hard to say, it will come through agriculture land or buying/ selling home or any other property transaction.

Hey, I dont believe in horoscope but i can assure you ll grow weathy when you will stop asking and start acting. All that is required is the real hard desire and willingness to do any thing to get it and than success is all yours. trust me and try once .

Both Jupiter & Saturn require you to be more careful in how you advance your career interests. During the next few months , you focus more on your dreams and expectations for your future, and very early, you start focusing more on executing in somewhat new or different way.
Do not jump into the situations without weighing all the pros and cons. you will get an important boost from Jupiter.

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