Do i have Home of my own in my horoscope?

Do i have Home property of my own in my horoscope, IF SO WHEN is best time that i will buy it as of now am getting very tempted to buy a plot for myself.

Name : Revathi , DOB: 11 January 1988, Time 7.15am IST Place Shahabad Karnataka India,
My husband Name : Srikanth , DOB: 23 March 1985, Time 6.30 am IST, Place Hyderabad
Marriage Date JUNE 10th 2011 , Evening time @ 8:30 pm Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

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yes you have yog in chart to be owner of property, lands , buildings, apartments vehicles etc
jupiter lord of 4th house in own house ensures that rahu mahadasha upto 3-2-2021 is very favorable
best time to buy after 23-8-2017 when rahu-sun dasa runs
sixteen years of jupiter mahadasha from 3-2-2021 to 3-2-2037
will be the golden period of your life.


U will have your own home.Best during 2018-19.If u buy in the name of husband or jointly with husband 2015-16or after September 2014.

I think you should go for a good astrologer. Because a only a good astrologer could tell you, accurate horoscope.


Yes, there are lot self earned properties but after birth of female child or in Guru maha dasha, whichever come first.

Yes there was a definite indication and 2018 on-wards both of you will get very good period,all the best. can prepare your own property.

Boss... where are you living so far. To me you must have your own house with you to date. If not then there must be something wrong.

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