What 2016 has in store for you?

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A job you have been waiting for..
A relationship going away..
A marriage yet to be solemnized Or money issues..

All this is set to change for the better in 2016, predicts our Astrology Expert Dr. Prem Kumar

Year 2016 has more pluses the minuses. Professionally, you may reach to the top by April or May 2016. Job seekers will find the third and last quarters promising. You will blow hot and cold throughout the year in relationships. Health may need care in the first half of the year 2016. Financially you remain strong and may even acquire property. Overseas travel seem brightest in the first and second quarters of 2016.
Wear your lucky birthstone in a gold chain.

Things that could not be accomplished last year will be accomplished in 2016. All issues related to health become a thing of the past. Financially, you can expect a windfall in February or May 2016. Turbulence in professional life is indicated in the second quarter 2016 but you will overcome all challenges. Put in the efforts required to make your family and love life happy in 2016.
Keep three I-ching coins tied in red thread in your wallet for more money.

You are poised to attain the unattainable in the year 2016. After an indifferent January 2016, your career graph continues to rise through the year 2016.  Hardships encountered in domestic life may continue for sometime, but succor will be at hand. Wealth through inheritance or enhanced by mid-year 2016. You may travel abroad after march 2016.
A bracelet with a solid ball of silver will help you overcome challenges. 

The last quarter may get you that professional break. Qualifying in a prestigious exam is indicated in the second quarter of 2016. Starts for travelling abroad seems strong in March or April 2016. Financially you need to exercise control. Family life can have its ups and downs. Not a particularly favorable year for relationships. Last quarter of 2016 in inauspicious for dealing in property matters.
Wear a silver ring in the index finger of your right hand.

The year 2016 promises success in both personal and professional spheres. Those in business are likely to prosper. A celebration in the family in likely to take place between Arpil or July 2016. Although health remains good for most part of the year 2016, take care in October 2016. Lovebirds should keep the romance alive or they may  grow apart. Foreign travel in indicated in March 2016.
Keeping fresh flowers in your room is likely to assure good health.

The year 2016  opens new horizons for you. You may attain some solid professional or academic achievement between April and June 2016 that takes  you in a new direction. Ill health become a thing of the past. A negotiation done in the past is set to bring you big money. You may blow hot and cold in your relationships.  Travel bug bites you in the last quarter of 2016.
Wear a blue wrist band in your right hand for success in job interviews. 

The first quarter of 2016 foresees a marriage or additional to the family. A promotion or Job switch s indicated in June or July 2016. Things will fall in place for students by the last quarter. Family life remains fulfilling. Those longing for overseas travel get rewarded in the first half of the year 2016. Acquiring new property or renovating an existing one is on the cards.  Getting true love won’t  be easy.
Donating some stationary items will fetch you good results  in your career.

Success in every sphere is writ large for the Librans in the year 2016. You will do exceedingly well, professionally or academically. Those aspiring for total fitness will find the year 2016 most promising. Monetarily, you face no problems but exercise care in investing in the last quarter of 2016. Travel stars shine bright after May 2016. Stars aren’t  favorable for dealing in property in the first quart of 2016. 
Opt for herbal products to remain stress free during 2016.

Contentment in both professional and personal spheres in guaranteed. May to July 2016 seems most favourable to make your mark at work. You will achieve academic qualification. Be careful about your health in January 2016. Something significant in your married life or relationship in indicated in the second quart of 2016. You inherit property or acquire real estate. 
Avoid gifting or accepting any sharp edged or metal gift items this year 2016.

Your hopes and aspirations will get realized in the year 2016. Health remains excellent all round the year 2016. Financially you remain in your comfort zone, mainly  as a result of wise investments. Professionally, May and June 2016 do not augur well for you but you manage to redound strongly afterwards. Something significant will happen in the family front in November 2016.
Keep a crystal turtle on your bed side to ward off any negative energies.

For you, the year 2016 is the year of positive results. Efforts put in to chart your career path come to fruition. A scholarship or recognition in foreseen in November or December 2016. Financial stability is assured but you desire to earn big money may not be realized this year. Both family life and romance will have ups and downs. Overseas travel plans take shape after June 2016.
Wear a small green crystal around your neck for victory in legal matters.

They year 2016 augurs well for you in realizing your potential. Chance of getting bestowed with an honour or recognition in professional or academic sphere brighten in the first quarter. Expect a promotion between second and third quart of 2016. You remain in the best health all around the year 2016. Cracks in marriage or relationships may widen. 
Make sure there are no dead or broken electrical appliances lying at home this year 2016.

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